Technology Platforms

1. Low cost, innovative Nitric Oxide production
  • Nu-Med Plus has completed the initial development of a clinical unit to accurately deliver and safely monitor inhaled Nitric Oxide for use in adults, and neonates who are on a ventilator in a hospital setting under close medical supervision.
  • It is designed to be modest and instinctive to use. The basis of our patent pending Nitric Oxide delivery system is the kinetically controlled release of Nitric Oxide from a chemical reaction which converts our low cost proprietary powder into a highly purified, therapeutic metered dose of Nitric Oxide.
  • Currently, competitors offer a single 72 hour treatment of Nitric Oxide for over $9,000.

2. Mobile rechargeable Nitric Oxide generator
  • Portable unit to produce and deliver Nitric Oxide in a simple and safe process.
  • Expands the use of Nitric Oxide into third world countries where it is currently not possible due to the large amount of equipment and power needed.
3. Nitric Oxide Clinical Delivery Unit
  • The smaller multi-dose Inhaled Nitric Oxide clinical device will have the capability to deliver high-purity NO in single-dose treatments, using our proprietary formulation.
  • The emphasis is to generate controlled-flow of NO for internal and external therapies with integrating accessories.
  • Intended usage will be emergency rooms/urgent care facilities, medical and chiropractic offices, convalescent and nursing homes, and for EMT use.

* Nu-Med's Nitric Oxide delivery systems are investigational and limited by federal law to investigational use only. Our units will require testing and FDA approval prior to any commercial use.