Portable Unit - Nitric Oxide Delivery System

Our team has also developed a lightweight portable NO delivery system that can be worn comfortably by patients within hospitals allowing mobility between critical care units. It may also be practical outside of the hospital setting for underserved chronic therapies, and for applications in developing nations. The product has the capability to deliver high purity NO to the patient at prescribed intervals, or 24 hours per day at controlled doses, by means of a nasal cannula or a face mask. Battery management will be controlled with a recharging capability from wall outlets, or from a back-up battery.

Portable Unit Overview:
  • Portable NO delivery system for short or long term therapy
  • Battery powered backup
  • Uses face mask or nasal cannula
  • Delivers 2 to 40 ppm therapeutic dose of NO through nasal cannula
  • NO (high purity) is contained in cartridge under pressure
  • Cartridge can be sized for treatment
  • Uses "chemical filter" to keep toxic NOx from getting to patient
  • LED readouts for flow, battery and NO remaining
  • Ability to set NO delivery level in the field using analyzer
  • Patent pending

* Nu-Med's Nitric Oxide delivery systems are investigational and limited by federal law to investigational use only. Our units will require testing and FDA approval prior to any commercial use.