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Nu-Med Plus, Inc. (NUMD)
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Nu-Med Plus’s strategy of developing and bringing to market new and innovative medical products has led us to several new advanced technologies which are under development in the area of generation and controlled delivery of Nitric Oxide gas for human consumption. During our stages of research and product development, several potentially patentable products have been discovered. Presently, we have 1 approved patent and 2 patents pending relating to our Nitric Oxide platform which will serve as the foundation of our IP portfolio and which will lead to creating value for our company and our shareholders. Nu-Med Plus will take into consideration both offensive and defensive postures.

We expect that through our teams’ research and product development efforts, several other patents will be generated within our medical Nitric Oxide delivery platform. As we expand our innovative technologies into other additional areas, we anticipate involvement in additional markets which will lead to increased revenue potential. In addition to the patent portfolio for Nu-Med Plus, we are also pursuing a proprietary protection strategy of certain key formulations and methods for further strengthening the overall Intellectual Property portfolio. Our teams’ in-house manufacturing expertise will give Nu-Med a competitive advantage, creating additional value to the company.

As our products progress, we plan to assess additional potential labeled indications for inhaled NO using our patent pending delivery systems and expand our commercial reach worldwide. In addition, we may form strategic arrangements, create joint ventures relationships or enter into licensing provisions with third parties with respect to products and technologies that we believe will complement and supplement our existing business.