Our Delivery Products

Nitric Oxide is a naturally occurring molecule that was first identified in the late 18th century. NO should not be confused with Nitrous Oxide, a common anesthetic that is otherwise known as “laughing gas.” Nitric Oxide’s significance in biological processes began to materialize only in the late 1980s.

Hospital Unit

Our team has developed a new NO gas delivery system that provides a continuous intra-breath concentration of therapeutic NO to medically supervised patients who are on ventilators in a hospital setting. The NMP200 hospital unit is designed for accuracy of the delivered dose over the full range of anticipated doses. The ability to accurately control the NO dose at low concentrations is particularly helpful during weaning of the patient from the drug. The technology used to control the dose is significantly simpler than other methods making it a safer more intuitive product.


• Uses pressurized medical grade 800 ppm nitric oxide/nitrogen tank
• Features built in NO, NO2 and O2 monitor
• Simple operation
• Dose control does not use valves or injectors
• Designed to work with ventilator, nasal cannula or non-rebreather mask
• Patent pending

Portable Unit

Our team has also developed a lightweight portable NO delivery system that can be worn comfortably by patients within hospitals allowing mobility between critical care units. It may also be practical outside of the hospital setting for underserved chronic therapies, and for applications in developing nations. The product has the capability to deliver high purity NO to the patient at prescribed intervals, or 24 hours per day at controlled doses, by means of a nasal cannula or a face mask. Battery management will be controlled with a recharging capability from wall outlets, or from a back-up battery.


• Portable NO delivery system for short or long term therapy
• Battery powered backup
• Uses face mask or nasal cannula
• Delivers 2 to 40 ppm therapeutic dose of NO through nasal cannula
• NO (high purity) is contained in cartridge under pressure
• Cartridge can be sized for treatment
• Uses “chemical filter” to keep toxic NOx from getting to patient
• LED readouts for flow, battery and NO remaining
• Ability to set NO delivery level in the field using analyzer
• Patent pending

Clinical Unit

Nitric Oxide (NO) is an essential biological gas which is currently being used for congenital pulmonary hypoplasia and neonatal hypoxia therapy. Contemporary research is being done for additional applications involving the therapeutic need for vasodilation and increased delivery of oxygen to diseased and injured tissues. This smaller multi-dose Nitric Oxide clinical device will have the capability to deliver high-purity NO and in single-dose treatments, using our proprietary formulation.
The emphasis is to generate controlled-flow of NO for internal and external therapies with integrating accessories for availability in emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, medical and chiropractic offices, convalescent and nursing homes, and for emergency response teams for treatment of various trauma injuries.


• Small, easily fits in office environment
• Single treatment
• Dose control
• Dose indicator
• Attachments specific for treatment
• 120 VAC operation
• Uses heat labile proprietary formula for NO generation

Commercial Unit

The NMP100 is the one of the world’s first nitric oxide dilution systems designed for research. A patent pending technology utilizes pure 100% nitric oxide from a pressurized tank source and dilutes it with air or other non-reactive diluent gas to provide a 1 to 500 ppm source of high purity nitric oxide for investigational applications.


• Uses pressurized 100% nitric oxide tank
• Dilution range 1 – 500 ppm
• Nitrogen dioxide scrubber assures pure NO at instrument outlet
• Simple operation
• Designed for research to accommodate variable NO
   concentration needs
• Cost effective source of ppm NO
• Patent pending