clinical unit

Clinical Unit-Nitric Oxide Delivery Device

Nitric Oxide (NO) is an essential biological gas which is currently being used for congenital pulmonary hypoplasia and neonatal hypoxia therapy.  Contemporary research is being done for additional applications involving the therapeutic need for vasodilation and increased delivery of oxygen to diseased and injured tissues.  This smaller multi-dose Nitric Oxide clinical device will have the capability to deliver high-purity NO and in single-dose treatments, using our proprietary formulation.  The emphasis is to generate controlled-flow of NO for internal and external therapies with integrating accessories for availability in emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, medical and chiropractic offices, convalescent and nursing homes, and for emergency response teams for treatment of various trauma injuries.

Product description:

A mechanical nitric oxide delivery device that is designed for the medical office environment. The focus is on single in office treatments using a proprietary formulation to generate a specified amount of NO per treatment. The device consists of an NO generation unit and appropriate attachments (cannula, mask, etc.) for treatment.


  • Small, easily fits in office environment
  • Single treatment
  • Dose control
  • Dose indicator
  • Attachments specific for treatment
  • 120 VAC operation
  • Uses heat labile proprietary formula for NO generation

* Nu-Med's Nitric Oxide delivery systems are investigational and limited by federal law to investigational use only. Our units will require testing and FDA approval prior to any commercial use.