The Nu-Med Plus mission is to design, develop and market new patented technologies in the medical field along with building key intellectual assets. Our strategy is to focus on high growth potential markets where there is a clearly defined need recognized by the medical community that can be addressed by Nu-Med Plus and its’ technological expertise.

Our initial market focus is on medical applications for Nitric Oxide (NO). NO is an important, naturally-occurring molecule, widely recognized for its’ importance in a number of biological processes. NO has the potential for treating diseases ranging from malaria to neonatal hypertension. Nu-Med Plus has developed inhaled Nitric Oxide products for use in hospital settings as well as for longer term applications outside hospital surroundings.* Our product candidates are designed to deliver NO safely for a variety of therapeutic indications to clinicians and other end users. Nu–Med Plus will provide solutions that are less expensive and more user-friendly. In addition, the company has designed a NO delivery system that is lightweight and portable. Nu-Med Plus’ medical devices deliver cost effective inhaled Nitric Oxide to patients in a manner unique to the market.

(* Nu-Med's Nitric Oxide delivery systems are investigational and limited by federal law to investigational use only. Our units will require testing and FDA approval prior to any commercial use.)

We invite you to learn more about our efforts and the medical significance of Nitric Oxide by browsing through our website.